Early Opening :)

Hello Boaters, We have made great progress on the installation of the marinas and work is near completion.The Port Authority is installing the breakwater on Monday and the Peakes Quay breakwater is undergoing maintenance on the same day. This year all docks will be renumbered and all seadoo berths will be tagged with the owners name, as all unbooked berths are now available and to avoid confusion. As boating is a great way to decompress and in light of recent times and peoples anxiety levels we have decided to open the marinas two weeks early (Health PEI phase one approval) We are taking measures to ensure the marinas are a safe place to be and will be adhering to all Health PEI directives. In addition to this there will be policy and practice signage, directional signage and entryway hand sanitizing stations installed. If we all do our part the new practices of social distancing and hand sanitization will come easy with little effort. As has always been policy, please advise us before you tie to the docks and provide payment arrangements pre launch. Looking forward to seeing you all and a great season ahead. Cheers, Rob & Lisa

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