Covid-19 April 7th 2019

Hello Boaters,

Update on Marina opening;     

Most boaters are like us and optimistic about the upcoming season. We are anticipating high demand for space at the marina as people are looking at staying close to home and deferring travel, many are looking for a place to escape that they can enjoy the summer in light of the Covid-19 situation. Boating is a great way to normalize summer recreation time and there is no better way to do that than being outside out on the water. It does not get any better.   

  We are on track for normal launch and opening (launching April 23rd). In consideration for those that worry about the season being delayed and worry about the uncertainty of it all, we will be providing savings back if there is a government directive to delay opening.

We are operating as normal and will apply all the normal early discounts and late fees that are usually applicable. With that being said for clarity the following savings back will be applied to your account in the worst-case scenario.

Savings back for late season opening because of Covid-19;

-open after July 15th, 20% savings back

-open after Aug 15th, 40% savings back

*not eligible for the savings back if not paid in full or have not provided post-dated cheques by booking deadline.( financing fees will apply to outstanding balances)  daily rates posted on the website will apply to unbooked boats/berths. The savings back has taken into consideration that marina deployment and decommissioning costs are fixed and the peak days of the season are centered in July and August.

As we move closer to the season more updates will follow. We are as excited as you are about getting on the water. Happy Boating!! Happy Easter to all Stay safe!! Thank you Lisa & Rob

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